Don’t Be A Tourist, Be A Traveler

Being a traveler is one of the best job ever. Quit your job, go outside, discover some places, discover new things that might surprise you, stay over there, meet new people, learn something, learn new language. It is probably one of the best way of enjoying the life. Do not wait until you are rich to travel otherwise you will regret for the things that you should have done in your young ages. Just remember, money can be earned but chances, they will not come twice. Just because you have no enough money, doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Shatter your limits. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Why am I here asking you to be a traveler? well, being a tourist is not that wrong. But the feeling and memory you will have is not the same as what a traveler has. The experiences you have will not the same. The people you meet will always be stuck on your mind. You will not have experience by having public transportation, having mixed dorm or even sleeping the airport or train station, knowing some new friends cause you probably meet other traveler that can share everything together. Also, the feeling of bringing your backpack on your back. Don’t be a tourist that everything is provided, everything is available, everything is paid, everything is easy. Be a traveler who handles everything by ourselves, who has some difficulties to be solved.

See the beauty of the world inside and outside. It enriches your view, opens your mind about something you haven’t known before. You will be wiser and growing up older with a mature mind but staying young in your ages cause your mind is filled by knowledge and experiences. HAIL BACKPAKING.







“A tourist is someone who doesn’t know where he is, but a traveler is someone who doesn’t know where to go” Anonymous.


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