Prague Is Beautiful

Czech Republic was the first county I visited out of Asia and the first country I had to make visa first. It was a long story why I chose Czech Republic and had internship there. I remember someone from Czech that I met in Indonesia convinced me that it was a must I must visit Czech Republic at least once in my life (well, I want it more not once). Because of him finally I could step my feet in the Czech Republic. Well thank you for your suggestion. When I joined in an organization called AIESEC, there was option to have internship in Brno, Czech Republic. With no doubt I chose and applied that. To get Brno I had to go to Prague as the capital city if Czech Republic. Well, this is my story in Prague and another country before having internhsip.

I flew from Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta to Dubai by Emirates at 12AM on February 10. A bit annoyed cause in airplane I didn’t have my meals because I fell asleep and forgot to put wake me up for meals-sign. So the attendant didn’t give me the meals. At 9AM in the morning (Dubai’s time) I had my flight to Czech Republic after waiting for 3 hours to get the next flight. I was so excited and could not wait for the time I would be in The Czech Republic.

When I landed in Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague , I was wondering how my next six weeks would be. I didn’t get why I felt no cold at all when everyone there was feeling so cold and wearing their own coats. Everything was new for me. The people, the weather, the air, the view, even the public transportation system. It was my first time in Europe that I used to want it before. After I brought my luggage and immigration office, I went to the information centre just wanted to know how to go to the Square. I got my ticket that cost 32 CZK for 1 hour. Bringing my backpack, I got on the bus. The bus number 100 took me to Zličín and the Metro took me to Náměstí Republiky in yellow zone. I can say that transportation system in Czech Republic is very good. I didn’t find any difficulties as long as I could as everyone there about the route.

It was my silliness cause I am really bad at reading the map. It took some hours to reach the hostel called Prague Square Hostel located near Astronomical Clock in Prague. I asked to the police but he could not help. It was not really my fault being so long to reach my hostel. Cause in the map, it told me to stop in Náměstí Republiky station whereas Mustek was closer than Náměstí Republiky itself. I just turned around with my bags and tried to enjoy the air in Prague. It’s Czech Republic, you know! I asked people but still got no clue. One thing I did was GOOGLING. Yeah google helped me with the map that I printed in internet café cause I had no Czech sim card. “Oh my God, that is not that far from centre”. I rang the bell and told the receptionist that I already booked the hostel. It was nice and recommended hostel to stay. Located in the centre with cool design and nice place. I dropped my luggage and took a rest for a while after some hours spent by looking for the hostel to stay. As a backpaker, I chose hostel to stay. I got room with Korean boy that we shared the plugs, Italian that offered me some waffles, and the rest I forgot. I was the only girl in that room but it was okay for me.

The evening came. I decided to go to see how pretty Prague was. It was amazing city, I really loved it. With old buildings, baroque architecture, unique shape that was totally different from Indonesia. Thanks God, I was in Prague. About the food, as I don’t eat pork, it was not really hard to find halal food. I chose kebab. The size of kebab is bigger that kebab that I have in Indonesia. Spending the night in Prague, seeing walking people, breathing every fresh air that far away from pollution. What could you ask more?


Prague in the evening

My trip was continued the next day after spending the night in Prague. It was freezing but not snowy. I went to Astronomical Clock that is very famous place in Prague. In 9 AM, the clock always rings and people around watch and see it. It is pretty big clock. I continued my trip again to Charles Bridge after having Starbucks near the square. What an amazing bridge!!!!!!!! Prague is so beautiful. No wonder it is nominated as one of the most beautiful city in the world. You can find beggars with their dogs, some of paintings, selling postcard, some gooses, also the birds. What a pretty view I got when I visited Charles Bridge. Awesome building, colourfull building. Everything is beautiful in Prague. I am in love with Prague.


Prague Old Town




Charles Bridge





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