The 3 Days Crush

That enough made me think a bit. A stranger who made me think impossible stuff to happen. A super short story happened in Bali last year. The best island you’ve ever imagined to spend your holiday in the world. Oh my God, who is that? Aaron Ramsey’s twin? suddenly a super tall man passed me on the top of Sky Garden bar. A stranger that I saw was running circle in my head at that time. He was super handsome, tall, brown-haired, sharpen eyes, having sweet lips and cool. How could I resist him when he always passed me everytime? How could I not look back at him? How could I not try to get close? How could………? He looked like that he sought something. His eyes explained his confusedness. He looked like he wanted to find something or a person or so on. I didn’t approach or even say hi first to him just to help him instead. I was enjoying the night in Sky Garden with everyone there but my eyes kept looking at him. I used to enjoy the music but not that day. All the thing I did was being silent. Waiting for him to make a move or intended to ask me something he needed cause our eyes were seeing each other but he didn’t. Our eyes looked each other perfectly like in a movie when a boy and girl have crush at the first sight. He was super cute that made me have a crush on him. Yep, I was so curious about him.

I am not the type of a person who can easily make a move or just talk first at the first time I meet everyone. So I let him confused and I was on my comfort zone dancing. The best thing to do was staring at him from far but he didn’t notice it anymore. It was been dawn and time to go home. All day I thought about how sweet he was. Where is he from? what does he do in Bali? what does he need? what is he going to do? all those question ruined my mind. Maybe if he was not like Aaron Ramsey, I would not think about that. He was such as Aaron Ramsey from another version. Maybe sweeter or cuter, well who knows.

It was my 6th day in Bali after my friend went back home earlier so that I enjoyed Bali alone. I went to Bounty. The club close to Sky Garden but I left earlier because of the asshole security who treated me bit rude. I decided to go to Sky Garden. It is the biggest club in that area well it is my only favorite place ever. I stopped having my bir bintang (A zero alcohol beer from Indonesia) cause he passed me again. Woah, such a big surprise when seeing him around here again. I let him enjoy his night there. Until he’d like to go. Stalk him, stalk him, stalk him!!! Well, my brain and heart asked me to do that. I wonder what he was doing there and probably stalking was a good idea. I walked behind him when he stepped his feet on the up ground until he passed the dance floor that is full of hoes. Nobody noticed. Not even him cause there was so crowd and full of people. My steps stopped when he was entering the place like “that”. Ok, we can say it the place that full of sluts. I saw him with my own eyes that he wanted to have a slut for his one night stand. Whaaaaaaaatttt? I slapped my face and still could not believe that the cute guy like him wanted to have a hoe for himself. Why a hoe? why not a normal girl or a tourist in Bali?  That shocked and broke my mind for a while. You can imagine that you have a crush but he chooses a hoe for him. Enggak rela. The way I felt about him suddenly disappeared as I saw him that way. He talked to a “mom” asking her to give him a “girl”. Well you got what I meant. I smiled inside just to think that I was a bit disappointed and wrongly had a crush on stranger. Seemed he didn’t have what he wanted. Perhaps there was no available girl at that time, perhaps the one he needed was not there. When the bar was closed, he went away without having anything on his hands.

Kuta beach is my favorite place to hang out. It was so close to the small hotel that I stayed in Poppies 2. In the next day, I went there by foot. Look whom I saw??????? HIM. Yes he was on MCD in front of Kuta beach. I went to McD just wanted to have Mc Flurry cause I was thirsty enough having the sun kissed my skin and felt so exhausted. If I meet you again, You are my future man huh. I said that. Of course that was not on purpose. I was kidding. I still could not believe that he looked for a hoe in the bar. I snapped his picture secretly on my cellphone. I saw he was talking with two Indonesian girls ouuuuuucccccchhhhhhhhh.

Well, it was my last night in Bali that I had to go back home. Like the previous days, I went to Sky Garden Bar. I met a Taiwanese guy and he asked me to have picture with him. It was a bit awkward when a girl approached me and she got close to me. Seemed like a semi lesbian lol. I left him and I met two Australian guys, Tom and Jacob. I enjoyed the night with them. And voila, look who was behind us? HIM. It was the third time I saw him here in Bali. He was all alone and still wore the same black shirt everyday. I knew he was cute overload but why was he with a HOE???? A dark skinned and long black haied hoe seemed to win his heart (heart or body?) I looked back at them and they made such a silly romance. I bet it was just for one night stand cause in Bali the prostitute is such a business. He was just too cute for that hoe. I got a chance to make something. Accidently I made Tom stepped his feet to her feet while they were dancing in the dark. Yep, his hoe. Guess what, she felt the pain in the ass, oops I mean feet. That was not really my intend. It was caused by Tom who noticed anybody behind him because we were talking and dancing. After that, it was Jacob’s turn. I dropped his feet to step on hers. Yeah she felt the pain in the ass twice. “Sorry” said Jacob while dancing with me. Those Australian mates that I met were so funny and really talkactive. That hoe really felt the pain cause Jacob wore his big shoes. I stared at him (my crush) and I smiled with one side of mouth only. That’s what you get for stealing my crush, bitch! haha. That was my last night in Bali on August 2013. Fine but hurt.

PS: I was not jealous or angry or mad. I just didn’t like it and it was my fun and silliness to make her felt that way. Well, don’t take it serious because it is just the part of holiday that I had. Hanya keisengan belaka.

See you somewhere my “crush” that I should not have a crush on. After that, I didn’t care about that anymore. It was “nice” to see you for three days in Bali. Enjoy her! lol.



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