Amsterdam and Its Adult Entertainment

I needed to continue my trip to Amsterdam by bus cause train costs more expensive. I went there by Euroline from Gare Du Nord Station in Brussels. I was in Amsterdam at 11PM. Again, my host really welcome me very well. The next day I had Canal Tour that took me around Amsterdam by the ship. The view I had was so beautiful. Amsterdam is one of my favorite one. There are lots of bike and sure, the population of bike is bigger than population of people itself. That is good, isn’t it? I didn’t get why I was asleep during the canal cruise tour.


The Population of Bicycles are bigger than population of people itself


Lovely Tulips in Winter


Taking Picture With Legend

It is true that Amsterdam is the place for adult entertainment. Freedom everywhere. Even it is legal for drugs. But, never try that otherwise your life will be destroyed. Trust me (angel mode on). You can have live sex show, all sex shop and museum are available there. Not only that, but also there are lots of weed shop cause weed is legal there. Lucky you! Once I was so curious about the weed. I went to the shop and saw the lollipop. Only one euro and I could have that lollipop. I ate that but I didn’t like the taste. I didn’t eat that anymore. I throw it away cause I thought “Kalau aku habisin ini lollipop, gak bakalan balik rumah nanti” That is why I didn’t finish it. I was afraid if I ate it all, I would not be able to go home. Amsterdam was enough even though I just went around the central and some museums like Madame Tussauds just to know how famous people or celebrity have their body shaped in wax statue.



Only one Euro


Abang-abang pengamen yang tampan


Dolly cabang Amsterdam (Red Light District)

It is probably a must if you visit Amsterdam, you must go to Red Light District. Yeah you know lah what kind of place it is. It is a sex entertainment for adult located in central station in Amsterdam :D. If you are sex lover, you should go there lol. Your instinct will guide you to Red Light District. Located in the south of Amsterdam Central and in the east of Damrak Street. Turn left from the station then across and go find Damrak Street. There is a canal over there on the left side. You will find people walking into Zeedijk. Feel the air, the atmosphere and booooom, you will be in Red Light District. It is not hard to find the RLD. You will find naked women in the house in the windows asking you to visit and uhuk-uhuk or Jiggy Jig them. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take a pic in Red Light District area. Camera and cells are forbidden just to keep their identity well. Well, guys happy hunting there!


It was been a week I was in Europe without eating rice. As you know that Indonesian can’t eat without rice, that is why I was so happy when I saw Asian restaurant with Nasi Goreng menu. Wow, I found rice. I ordered and boom, MAHAL AMAT :/ it cost 11 euros. Damn, that was so expensive. Here in Indonesia you can have 0.5 Euros for the nice one. But yeah whatever. I guess Amsterdam was enough for the trip. Once I went to KFC, I saw Indonesian and tried to say hello to them in the toilet.

“Orang Indonesia yaaa?” I asked

“BUKAN!!!! ORANG BULE” with a fucking loud and inappropriate voice she answered.

“Ebuset. Galak amat. Tampang jelek busuk penuh belatung aja belagu di negeri orang. Saya ini tanya baik-baik”

And then a bunch oh bitches disappeared without saying anything after I replied with sarcasm. Sarcasm answer deserves sarcasm treatment as well. Well, be nice in a every country especially when you meet native people from your own country.





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