Allianz Arena and The Robber Bus Driver

Who doesn’t know Allianz Arena if you are football fans? The stadium of Bayern München. One of the most successful club in the world. Located in Bavaria area in southeast of Germany. This club was found in 1900. It was accidently going there from Münich airport after Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam trip for one week. I needed to go back from Amsterdam and my plane had transit in Münich for 5 hours. I smelled the Bavaria air. I smelled the Bayern München everywhere. In the airport you can find lost of Bayern München jerseys, Bavarian beers and everything about Bayern München. Having a 5 hours experience of transit before, I felt it was not cool. Because I am the type of person who can not sit for long time, I decided to go from airport after one hour waiting for the next flight to Prague. Yeah I decided to go to Allianz Arena. I asked to the man wearing Bayern Münich kit (he is so handsome by the way ups. Forget it).

“How long it takes to go to Allianz Arena?” sambil ngelihat betapa tampannya mahluk satu ini yang mengalahkan Bastian Schweinsteiger.

“At about 45 minutes from here.”

“Would you like to tell me what train I should take?” He wrote it on my iPhone about the route.

With S1 or S8 to Münich Main station, U6 to Fröttmaning. He wrote that. I went out from the Airport and the cop caught me.

“I’m police, can I see your passport?”

“Here it is”

“Oh okay, you can go then”

It costs 10 Euros from Airport to the station. When I got on the train after 20 minutes waiting, I was feeling sad, afraid. I didn’t know why I felt that way at that time. Everyone I saw was a thief. I cried cause I was afraid I would be robbed. Everyone looked so scary in the train. Oh Goooosh. And guess what?????? It took one and half hours to go to Allianz Arena. Oh sh*t. From Fröttmaning (the last station) took 20 minutes to walk cause I’m slow walker :/ ouch. Wow, that’s Allianz Arena. The best stadium in the world (I am not Bayern fan by the way. I just find this club is amazing). I smelled Toni Kroos, I smelled Bastian Schweinsteiger, I smelled Mario Mandzukic and Xherdan Shaqiri. Awwwwwh. I smelled The Bavaria Kingdom. Located far away from city, Allianz Arena is one of the best stadium in the world. Well said. At that time Germany was shinny. I went to the information centre just want to know how Allianz Arena was. The receptionist asked me to have tour at 2PM whereas I would have my flight at 3PM. I just went to the cabinet trophy, Bayern shop and had pictures with my lovely Toni Kroos and another Bayern Münich players’ statue (hiks, not the real ones). Unfortunately there was no training so that I could not meet Bayern players. The receptionist told me that tomorrow they would have training here. Well, why not now? Why not today? Aaaaarggh. Poor me. I didn’t have much time to explore all the whole stadium.

It was just 20 minutes I was in Allianz Arena and I needed to go back to Münich Airport soon. The return, I was not scared anymore. Allianz Arena’s effect probably. And guess what?????? I LOST MY FLIGHT. Yeah I lost my flight to Prague cause I went to Allianz Arena. Oh GOD, WHY?????? I arrived at three to fifteen and my plane flew 3PM. Why was I so stupid to even handle or manage my time not to be late? It was useless to have another flight in the same date cause it cost so much expensive. That was why I chose public transportation like bus to continue my trip to Prague and then from Prague by bus again to Brno. I called AIESEC in Brno to tell that I would be in Brno in the next day.

From Airport I went to Prague by bus and it took 5 hours. I like the view in Bavaria village at 5 PM. The bus driver could not speak English very well. You know, the bus driver gave me bunches of coin when he gave me the back of money.

“ No Euro anymore. Here I give you 100CZK. 100 CZK is 4 Euro. I have one Euro (in cents)” Said the bus driver giving me cents and CZK for the back.


“No money again, I am sorry”

“Oh ok, no problem. (Ekampreeeeeettt. Padahal cuma 5 Euro, dikasih duit cents udah gitu kembaliannya juga dikasih Czech Koruna) I grumbled.

It cost at about 15 euros (if I am not mistaken). To be honest I was bit afraid and paranoid cause there were only 4 people in the bus. What if the bus was a criminal bus, what if the driver was robber, what if the people inside would robber and killed me. Oh my GOD. I enjoyed the trip with the freezing weather then I fell asleep. I smelled Prague by the view from the bus. I woke up and one thing that scared me was when all people got down in the Prague train station and I was the only one who went to Florenc Bus Station in Prague. I went down and tried to take my luggage in the bus but the driver stopped me.

“No, not Florenc” Said the bus driver. “Florenc next, you stay in the bus”

Damn, I was the only one who was in the bus. Would they take me to the Florenc? Would the rob me? To prevent bad thing, I took my bag and sat next to the door so that when they stroke me, I could break the door and run away. When I travel, everyone I meet is like a robber. My thought about the bus driver was stopped after he took me to Florenc and helped me to bring my luggage.

“This is Florenc” The handsome bus driver smiled and gave me my bag.

Well, thank you and have a nice day 😀





Toni Kroos ❤




Xherdan Shaqiri :*


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