Toni Kroos After The World Cup

“That moment when the Real Toni Kroos comes to me and he is in front of me right now. What should I do? What can I do? “


At night, I go to Sky Garden just to feel how Bali atmosphere is. The songs are being played. Avicii’s song is tuned up. Getting lost on the dance floor makes me really fun till I decide to go to rooftop. The rooftop is incredible. You can have drinks, play music, dance, see the dancer or something like the show. I order the Bir Bintang cause the dance floor makes me sweaty and I need a blast to splash my dehydration. I sit on the bench made by stone. I enjoy seeing people dancing. The blue-eyed people with dark hair, the blonds, the tall and all western men really excite me.

My attention stops when I see a man standing next to cashier with his own vodka on hand. I ignore my sight on him. I look away and I keep looking at him for the second tine. Oh God, he keeps seeing me. What happen with me? Is there any something wrong with me? I am so afraid that he knows I see him from distance and that’s why hr keeps looking at me and he doesn’t care about the dancing people or even the DJs playing their music. Wow, that glance is so amazing. The way he stares at me really melts my whole body. Our eyes meet each other. Then he smiles at me from distance. I guess I ever see that guy before but I’m not sure where and when. He looks so familiar to me. My heart grumbles. I try to remember something but I can’t. Why can’t I remember who he is? Maybe I know him, maybe I ever meet him or maybe we ever meet in Europe or somewhere. I really have no idea. I am here on my bench enjoying every beer that runs to my mouth. Well, he takes the steps and gradually leaves the place where he stands. Where will he go? Where will that blond guy with white shirt go? Don’t go please handsome man. I have nothing to see then. That guy is approximately 24 years old. I bite my button lips as my interest in him. Seems he gets closer here until I realise that he is in front of me. Oh my!!!

“Hey” he says hey.
“Eh h he hey…” I reply with all my awkwardness. It is so awkward seeing cute stranger stands in front of me.
“OH MY GOD……..!!!!” I scream I can not believe for what I am seeing right now.
“Are you…….
“Yes, I am Toni Kroos (:” he replies with his smile that shuts me up. My eyes are wide open. Please tell me that I’m dreaming. Please tell me that this is not real. Please, just please.

“I know that you are a fan of me by the instagram that you put my name and you liked every Toni Kroos’ pictures. I just noticed when I passed you just now and you opened your twitter and instagram. I was standing and seeing what you did from your back and it is true you are my fan”
That moment when the Real Toni Kroos comes to me and he is in front of me right now. What should I do? What can I do?

“But please, don’t scream or anyone here will notice me” he begs with his adorable smile whispering in my ear.

“I want to celebrate my happiness after winning the world cup. My insting guided me here. Bali, Indonesia. I secretly made this trip invisible otherwise people will chase me” he explains me.

“Toni, please slap me from my dream” I still can’t believe that he is in front of me. The guy with white shirt and brown jeans as long as his knee having vodka with me. Suddenly he kisses my cheek just to make sure I’m not dreaming.

“Toni… What did you….ok I believe now (:” my happiness just starts. It is unbelievable night ever.
Since then we have good talks. He talks how Germany won the World Cup in Brazil, how he played so well for Germany and scored, how Marco Reus really wanted to play, Mario Götze who has his charm on the pitch, a super talented Müller, Özil who fasting a half day during the world cup or even how Manuel Neuer slept over during the training and Joachim Löw woke him up. I don’t want the night ends. Until we reliase the bartender starts cleaning the glasses and picks them up. The bar will close soon.

“I think we should go. Would you like to go with me? I don’t know where to go. Maybe somewhere near here or just go to the beach or have burger with french fries. Up to you” he offers me something.
“Ok, I will go wherever you will go, Toni”

We go out. It is funny how people here don’t notice that the guy who is being with me right now is Toni Kroos. A super footballer from Germany who just won the World Cup. Come on people. You are wasting your life by not knowing he is with me. But it is good after all. None notices him so he can go whenever he wants without having paparazzi around. Then I’m the luckiest one.
As you know Legian street is so crowded.

“Hey I know you. You are Kroos, dude” someone behind us is talking. Ah that drunk man. So nobody cares what he was saying.
Toni just looks back at him and continues our walking trip.

“It is funny you know how people here have no idea who I am” Toni gives me double cheese burger from McD. He eats cause he is hungry and he buys me.

“You are not famous hihihi. Maybe if you are Götze or Neuer people will run to you” I am joking and he is smiling with his bite of cheeseburger.

“Oh shut up. I am lucky they don’t know me”

we are having cheeseburger in Kuta beach after partying. The air, the darkness, the stars, really accompany us with the sound of waves and white sand sea as out bed.

“Let’s follow me after finishing your burger” I ask him to have a ride by my motorbike. I want to take him around and probably he never rides motorbike in Germany. With the motorbike, I’m lucky cause hugs me from back as he sits behind. Well, keep hugging me mein schatz. In the middle of our trip, the cop stops me cause we don’t have helms. Oh God, how can I forget the helm.

“Toni, come on! Goooooo” I ask him to go before he pays the fee. And of course the police tries to catch us.

“Be carefull, I still want to play football” he is so afraid when I ride the motorbike with high speed. Oh no, we fall down after I step the black stone and my motorbike hits it.

“Toni, are you ok? Please wake up. The police is almost here please!!!!!!!!!” I take him go. I hide Toni Kroos in Legian Street and my motorbike. I can’t ride when he is injured. We are hiding on the temple in the middle of street and our motorbike is outside. Lucky us! The police keeps going straight on and doesn’t see us. I see how Toni Kroos breaks his legs. Oh my Lord, it is my fault. I’m sorry.

Slowly I try to take him to my motorbike. He is so tall to be honest and I’m so small indeed.
“Don’t be afraid, it is just small accident (:” now we are on Seminyak Beach. And the police can not find us.

“Haha, no worry. It is funny and I will remember this moment” we walk on the beach with his broken leg by accident. He walks carefully.

In five minutes, a little boy comes with his Bayern Munich jersey and screams Toni Kroos, Toni Kroos, Toni Kroos. Hey you are so funny little boy. He wants to shake hands with the Bavarian player and Toni is amazed how the kid yells his name. It is 4 am on the beach and still dark.

“Thanks for being good with me” suddenly he kisses me. TONIIIIIII……….!!!!!
“You are silly little girl that I’ve ever seen. This is my gift to you.”
“Toniiiii….. I can’t feel your lips. Could you do it once more time please?”
“Haha no. Maybe later (:”

I drop my head on his arm. Having the windy morning on the beach is amazing. I don’t realise that I fall asleep on his arm. Sleeping on the beach with the sand sea as the bed and next to Toni Kroos is amazing. It is unbelievable. It is like a dream. Your smell, your warm arm, your glance, your gaze, your eyes, your hair, your strong body. Uuuurgghh so lucky to have that.

FC Bayern Muenchen v Arsenal - UEFA Champions League Round of 16








Suddenly my iPhone rings and stops my imagination 😦


Six Weeks in The Czech Republic

I got my internship in AIESEC Brno, Czech Republic for six weeks. It started from February 16 until the end of March 2014. My stay in Czech Republic was unforgettable as I knew that it was one of my destination to live abroad. Living in diversity, different people, cold weather, different foods, beers everywhere that is totally different from Indonesia is my aim. I didn’t have enough sun in Czech Republic as I came there in winter (but not snowy, poor). It is so opposite with the condition in Indonesia that we can easily get burnt by the sunshine every time we go out side.

I stayed also in Brno. The second biggest city in Czech Republic after Prague located in South Moravia. I spent 6 weeks there. It took 2 hours from Prague by Student Agency bus to go to Brno. When I arrived in Brno, Juraj (the AIESECER) picked me up to go to the dorm of Mazaryk University in Tylova Station. I got room with Ceska, a pretty Philippines lady. It was nice to meet her. She asked me to go to have lunch with another AIESECER mates that I would spend time with. The first week, we stayed in the same dorm just to get to know each other. I met Dila, Mari, Ricardo, Shin, Schelly, Tatia, Natia, Lucas, Ceska, Velina. They came from Brazil, Japan, China, Georgia, Philippines, also Indonesia. It was nice to meet them. They were great people, awesome people. FYI, I came late in Brno. And if you already red the previous text, you will get it. We went Petrov Castle in front of main station. I love Brno. It is nice city. To be honest, I prefer Brno that Prague. Prague is just good for traveling but Brno for living.

In AIESEC, I got high school team cause we were separated into two groups. I enjoyed every moment that I got in Czech Republic with all my good friends and host family. Every week was different place to stay. I stayed 3 weeks in dorm and 3 weeks in host family. Every week was different school, different students, different teacher, different place to stay.

Czech are so crazy over beers. The beers are cheaper than water. Everywhere was beer. As if they can not live without beer. I didn’t drink beer for my own choice. That was what I like. Even though I lived in different place, but still I didn’t change my way of life. I am the type of people who can’t easily change just because people around me do as their habit.

About the Czech People, I found they were not friendly to be honest. As I stayed there, I realized that Czech are so friendly to the people that they know well. It was proven by everyone that I met. They were so good and welcome me in a good way. They are just not open to the stranger but once you know them, they are good people.

Everything was beautiful in Brno. I never felt so much happiness in my life time. The people, the memories can’t be forgotten even though just a piece. Thanks God I was there. Everyone I met there was awesome. They are more than I expected. Thank you for everyone who made my life in Brno completely awesome. Especially YOU (the one that I still can’t take out of my mind)

Brno and Czech Republic have special place in my heart. The people I met, the times, food, places, memories. Brno, you are unforgettable. 

jump as high as you can.
jump as high as you can.
brno 1

with our hostfamily
with our hostfamily
Trying to take my coat off while it was freezing
Trying to take my coat off while it was freezing
brno 3

<img class="wp-image-438" src="" alt="The place where I used to be The place where I used to be ❤

Spring started
Spring started
brno 5

<img class="wp-image-435" src="" alt="This place This place ❤brno 7

Favorite place
Favorite place
This bench
This bench

When A Girl Say That She Wants To Have A Partner Like Her Father

I always find that every girl talks about their father nicely. Most of them put their father as a hero, as a best friend, as a someone whom they do need in life. I always envy to those who put their father as a role model or the one that they’d like to have as a future husband. It is true that every man wants a partner like his mother and every woman wants a partner like her father. They are proudly saying that to me when they talk about their family, their parents.

“My dad is so nice. He is my Hero”

“I’m daddy’s little girl”

“I want to marry a man like my father” blablabla….

Those are what I always hear from all of my friends. I see with my own eyes how my friends introduce their father to me and the father welcomes me nicely. We talk afterward. That aches me. That breaks my legs. How can everyone have so perfect and caring father while I can’t? They are so proud of having daddy like theirs. But wait, this doesn’t happen to me. Sometimes I don’t care about it but sometimes, oh God, why could I have a daddy like him? My daddy is not my role mode as a man. I don’t see a man on himself as everyone does to their father. The opposite thing comes to me. I feel ashamed to have father like him. I’m sorry, I’m not proud of having you in my life. If I had power, I would never want to be born with my body running the blood of yours.

Being a father is the best job that every man can do. Every father enjoys being a father for their children. In the morning they wake up and go to work and come back to home with the loves and kisses to their children and the stuffs or meal on their hands that they bring for them. They are qualified being a nice person and nice father. Nice person who cares about as human being and nice father who is responsible enough taking care or feeding the family. Yes, every man must be like that. The good man will create good family because he is the leader. It is same like a company or a country that leaded by right men. I believe if the company or country are not leaded by the right men, they will fall down. When it comes to a family, it will be a broken home family. That happens when a man is asshole enough and not responsible to their family. Not even work, feed them, talk nicely, care, sincere, honest, loyal. And that is my father. I have so many reasons why I hate him. Even though I hate him with every single bad thing he does to me, my sisters, my mother, but I still try to act nice to him. It is hard to act nice to the person who is asshole enough and a black-hearted like him. I still appreciate him as a father, as the one who gave me the life. I still talk nice to him and obey what he asks. Nobody in this world loves him. None of us are proud of having a father like him who is selfish enough, temperament, likes to hit us with his hands, never talks good, never gives me food to eat and responsible for our lives. Once Hitler said that the one whom he hated after Jewish was a husband who left his family and rude enough hitting his wife. Even Hitler said that. If my father were alive with Hitler, Hitler probably would kill him. My father is not a human, he is satan. He is not only bad to family but also to other people. He treats people badly and underestimates them. I’m ashamed every time I meet people and my father is with me. So, when a girl say that she wants to have a partner like her father, this is not valid to me. I have trauma to a man and always see a man is like an evil sometimes. I wonder if there is still a nice man on earth. But, that nice man is for another. I’m afraid of getting to know a man, liking someone, having husband but I want to have kids in life and the only thing to make it true is to marry someone. One thing I worry too much is that I am afraid there’s no man who wants me and gets close to me when he knows my father is a monster. No guy wants to have parents in law like him. Then how about my future? how about my next life? he ruins everything. He ruins my thought, my mental, the way I act, my life. My trauma is all caused by him, by the ways he treated me and the whole family.

Q: Are you proud of your daddy? | Me: NO

Q: Do you want to have husband like him? | Me: NO. I HOPE NO.