Six Weeks in The Czech Republic

I got my internship in AIESEC Brno, Czech Republic for six weeks. It started from February 16 until the end of March 2014. My stay in Czech Republic was unforgettable as I knew that it was one of my destination to live abroad. Living in diversity, different people, cold weather, different foods, beers everywhere that is totally different from Indonesia is my aim. I didn’t have enough sun in Czech Republic as I came there in winter (but not snowy, poor). It is so opposite with the condition in Indonesia that we can easily get burnt by the sunshine every time we go out side.

I stayed also in Brno. The second biggest city in Czech Republic after Prague located in South Moravia. I spent 6 weeks there. It took 2 hours from Prague by Student Agency bus to go to Brno. When I arrived in Brno, Juraj (the AIESECER) picked me up to go to the dorm of Mazaryk University in Tylova Station. I got room with Ceska, a pretty Philippines lady. It was nice to meet her. She asked me to go to have lunch with another AIESECER mates that I would spend time with. The first week, we stayed in the same dorm just to get to know each other. I met Dila, Mari, Ricardo, Shin, Schelly, Tatia, Natia, Lucas, Ceska, Velina. They came from Brazil, Japan, China, Georgia, Philippines, also Indonesia. It was nice to meet them. They were great people, awesome people. FYI, I came late in Brno. And if you already red the previous text, you will get it. We went Petrov Castle in front of main station. I love Brno. It is nice city. To be honest, I prefer Brno that Prague. Prague is just good for traveling but Brno for living.

In AIESEC, I got high school team cause we were separated into two groups. I enjoyed every moment that I got in Czech Republic with all my good friends and host family. Every week was different place to stay. I stayed 3 weeks in dorm and 3 weeks in host family. Every week was different school, different students, different teacher, different place to stay.

Czech are so crazy over beers. The beers are cheaper than water. Everywhere was beer. As if they can not live without beer. I didn’t drink beer for my own choice. That was what I like. Even though I lived in different place, but still I didn’t change my way of life. I am the type of people who can’t easily change just because people around me do as their habit.

About the Czech People, I found they were not friendly to be honest. As I stayed there, I realized that Czech are so friendly to the people that they know well. It was proven by everyone that I met. They were so good and welcome me in a good way. They are just not open to the stranger but once you know them, they are good people.

Everything was beautiful in Brno. I never felt so much happiness in my life time. The people, the memories can’t be forgotten even though just a piece. Thanks God I was there. Everyone I met there was awesome. They are more than I expected. Thank you for everyone who made my life in Brno completely awesome. Especially YOU (the one that I still can’t take out of my mind)

Brno and Czech Republic have special place in my heart. The people I met, the times, food, places, memories, and love that I had *ups. (not sure I’ll tell you about this part cause he got his new one. I’d love to but we’ll see). Brno, you are unforgettable. You are the best place to live that I’ve ever known.

jump as high as you can.
jump as high as you can.

brno 1

with our hostfamily
with our hostfamily
Trying to take my coat off while it was freezing
Trying to take my coat off while it was freezing

brno 3

The place where I used to be <3
The place where I used to be ❤
Spring started
Spring started

brno 5

This place <3
This place ❤

brno 7

Favorite place
Favorite place
This bench
This bench

IMG_7880 IMG_7523


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