When the dawn wakes me up

Awakening with the joys of life
Enjoying every single of privilege being a human being
Dancing while we can
Drinking as nobody cares

There is only you and me
Making every hear beat
There is a shot of tequila
Making the night calm down

Serenity rules the perfect timing
While everyone is singing
Calmness is everything
While everyone is screaming
It’s nothing but beyond our desire

A strong light lights the night up
But nobody sees
None realises but us
A perfect sky is upon us all
It’s called dawn
The dawn that wakes me up from blessing night
It is a new start
A new start from dawn for the day


Light the life up with lighter

When the life brings me down
I kick all the hope that I built
Leaving all these shits around me
Burning down the spirit behind

Life is playing with me sometimes
It gets even darker when it’s not still night yet
Darkness of life will keep guiding
The darkness will keep rising

Burn the lighter cause it is the only way
The flame shines the dark side
It is just small flame
Keep doing it and it will surpass
The huge of small lighter for big dark life

Now I can see how my life shines through the light
I like to play with fire but not so much
Make sure I won’t get burnt by the fire

Bed of Joy

In a bed where we both fell in love
Suddenly gone
We shared both thoughts and sweet smiles
Cuddling in a bed of joy
White sheet covered up us all

I started messing your blonde hair
Wishing you could do the same
Holding your hands tight with great hopes
The hopes of wanting happiness

In a bed of joy we shared the warmness
Warmness of our souls that ruled the world
In a bed of joy we used to get messed
In a bed of joy the world seemed ours

Oh, the bed of joy reminds me of you
As you slowly fade away
But the touches keep reminding
Now I have no idea where you are
As the distance separates us
Missing you badly, bed of joy



As I dig memories in the past
A great hope slowly comes up
I don’t realise you are on my back
Bringing a piece of star with your smile

The star of hope bringing new start
Between you and me
The light of Venus shines on it
Beautifying our day
You put the star on my heart
Feeling my heart beat
Staring the light through my eyes

You hold my hands on garden of star
Creating our wonderstar
Living together on its bless
With the river running glory water
With the bloom of thoughts

As I’ve ever thought the past won’t come up
Your existence seems so real
Taking me to the wonderstar


Poisoned Lips

Craving for those lips
The lips of yours
Can’t even hold how crazy I am over your lips
Little pretty sweet lips

Kiss me like you’ll never kiss anymore
Hold me like like you hold the mount of desire
Bite my lips like you bite the pieces of hot chocolate cake
Make your lips even closer into my heart

Rape my heart as you suck my hungry lips
Stare my eyes too deep like there’s a sea of lust
Grab my body like it’s the last time you touch
Whisper me that you are starving of my touches

Desires and lust conquer my whole body
Making my bottom lip shake like an earthquake
I’ll die slowly of your poison lips
I’ll die in your arm with your sweet lips
I’ll die with you in your sweet and poison lips
But I still want more
Wanting it like I never care I’ll die
Oh, your sweet and poisoned lips.

A Person

The warmth of the sun in the spring through the big windows
Waking up with great feeling is the best thing in the morning
The tweeting birds woke me up

What a morning
What a day
What a warm-cold day
What a windy day

It turned me from grey into multi colours
A happiness could be seen from the smile I wore
Words were nothing but you
Good feelings came up

In the windy day
In the spring season
In the bloom
In the old town
In the field of flowers

But, the seconds passed
The minutes changed
The hours disappeared
The time was gone
The time was eaten by time

Was it illusion?
Was it camouflage?
Was it fantasy?
Was it imagination?

Everything was so easily changed
Everything could be so mean
Everything became dark
Time was so cruel

The person in life would not be the same
The person in life would be different
The person in life could teach us experiences
The person in life could give thousand memories
The person in life showed us what is wrong/right

And……..sometimes that person in life is the only one that we can ever meet ONCE in life time.


The poster belongs to my friend.


The nights when I’m all alone
The morning when everything is so messy
The day when everyone is annoying
Everyday seems so cruel

No strength to face it all
No power to even strike
No effort to stand up
No braveness to against this all

You are not with me right now
Leaving me who care
You are far away
Making me mourn everyday
You are out of reach
I can’t even touch you

Mama, remember when you lifted me when I was kid?
Mama, remember when you educated?
Mama, remember how we had our little argue?
Mama, remember when you kissed me?
Mama, remember when we shared our moments?

Everything is camouflage
Everything changes
Everything fades away
Everything is not the same without you

Mama, I know you hear all my prays
I know you know that I praise you
I know you know that I need your touches
The touches more than anyone’s touch

You re leaving the world with smiles
You are having your good place now
You are having good times now

Mama, I do miss you. Miss you more than you know. Miss you more than I miss to anyone.