One Day

Everything will eventually change without even knowing why.
Everything will not be the same like the old days. The old days keep remaining us that they were real. It is just the matter of time that they slowly fade away.

Sometime those people will never come back to the present or future.
Those people keep remaining us how we interacted with them in the past. Whether it was a lesson, or blessing, everyone that comes to us has reasons.
The people that we meet in the past accidentally teach us the experiences or something that we can learn from it. It is to creat the better life in the present or future.
We can learn from the past to creat a better life in the future ranging from the best people around us.
This is how we live

One day all we did will be a memory.
One day all we talked about will be something that makes us stay awake just to realize how silly we were.
I literally will be mesmerized by the numerous of facts of silliness we had
One day those touches will disappear.
One day it will become a memory. A very sweet memory that only us who know and feel it.
One day, we will meet again just to remind how we had good and bad times in the past.
And one day you will be with someone special in your hands, your own choice, your life, your future and I’ll be with mine.
We’ll talk normally as if there is nothing in the past that has happened to us. But still, we are in good relation.

It will be ‘one day’.


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