The nights when I’m all alone
The morning when everything is so messy
The day when everyone is annoying
Everyday seems so cruel

No strength to face it all
No power to even strike
No effort to stand up
No braveness to against this all

You are not with me right now
Leaving me who care
You are far away
Making me mourn everyday
You are out of reach
I can’t even touch you

Mama, remember when you lifted me when I was kid?
Mama, remember when you educated?
Mama, remember how we had our little argue?
Mama, remember when you kissed me?
Mama, remember when we shared our moments?

Everything is camouflage
Everything changes
Everything fades away
Everything is not the same without you

Mama, I know you hear all my prays
I know you know that I praise you
I know you know that I need your touches
The touches more than anyone’s touch

You re leaving the world with smiles
You are having your good place now
You are having good times now

Mama, I do miss you. Miss you more than you know. Miss you more than I miss to anyone.


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