A Person

The warmth of the sun in the spring through the big windows
Waking up with great feeling is the best thing in the morning
The tweeting birds woke me up

What a morning
What a day
What a warm-cold day
What a windy day

It turned me from grey into multi colours
A happiness could be seen from the smile I wore
Words were nothing but you
Good feelings came up

In the windy day
In the spring season
In the bloom
In the old town
In the field of flowers

But, the seconds passed
The minutes changed
The hours disappeared
The time was gone
The time was eaten by time

Was it illusion?
Was it camouflage?
Was it fantasy?
Was it imagination?

Everything was so easily changed
Everything could be so mean
Everything became dark
Time was so cruel

The person in life would not be the same
The person in life would be different
The person in life could teach us experiences
The person in life could give thousand memories
The person in life showed us what is wrong/right

And……..sometimes that person in life is the only one that we can ever meet ONCE in life time.


The poster belongs to my friend.


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