Poisoned Lips

Craving for those lips
The lips of yours
Can’t even hold how crazy I am over your lips
Little pretty sweet lips

Kiss me like you’ll never kiss anymore
Hold me like like you hold the mount of desire
Bite my lips like you bite the pieces of hot chocolate cake
Make your lips even closer into my heart

Rape my heart as you suck my hungry lips
Stare my eyes too deep like there’s a sea of lust
Grab my body like it’s the last time you touch
Whisper me that you are starving of my touches

Desires and lust conquer my whole body
Making my bottom lip shake like an earthquake
I’ll die slowly of your poison lips
I’ll die in your arm with your sweet lips
I’ll die with you in your sweet and poison lips
But I still want more
Wanting it like I never care I’ll die
Oh, your sweet and poisoned lips.


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