What city am I?

Describing myself as a city, I can reckon that I’m the typical of person who likes to have fun with bunches of friends but never minds to be alone on my own. I don’t mind being in a pub, I like the crowd, the nightlife but also the silent of coffee shop or library or museum. I’m not that really friendly and tend to be cool or awkward. Also, I don’t trust people or stranger that much but never mind to help them in need (even though with some worries). Learning history is fun for me. I like old arts from old masters and I really appreciate their works. I even like talking about (that people might think it’s dirty) the jokes of sex frankly with sarcasm and prank. I don’t have problem with smoker or drinker as long as they don’t bother me and so do the smokes. I am an old thinker but act new. The people I enjoy are those who are open minded that like to accept all differences. When I am in a city, I prefer to walk around and keep eyes on its architecture especially the old ones. I always look for some bench in the park. Idk, I just like bench. I’m more nature to be honest. I like pretty small village with flowers and plants, the beaches, or everything that consists water.

So, the city must be not a big one, decorated by ancient building, full of history, museums everywhere, have pretty atmosphere of nightlife as I’m always awake at nights, have open minded people. And the city is, Amsterdam.

I am..
I’m Amsterdam

Well, done.



I’m afraid
I’m worried
I’m terrified
I’m scared
I’m doubt

This is my last chance
This is my last time
This is my last effort
This is the only time

Facing the biggest exam
Having the greatest step

Why so? Why so worry? I literally want to give me. I’m being pessimist now. Knowing the exam is almost here. It’s on this Friday. The day will come. Whether I will loose or pass. I’m afraid. I’m scared. That’s the fact.