May 6 2015

May 6 2015 was one of the best day in life. In the morning I woke up with sleepy eyes due to staying up late. I got the feeling of nervous and my heart didn’t stop beating on its highest level. My colleagues convinced me that I would succesfully passed my final exam after two times I was failed in exam. I such had nothing to confide myself that I could. But they kept convincing me that I was able. 

I wore my white long chemise, black skirt and black tie. Ready to go to campus with all expectations that I would finish my study that day. No feeling could beat how nervous I was at that time. All I expected was it finished. My teacher and examiners were in front of me. They were ready to examine me and see my progress that I made. I just wish I could satisfy them after my failure of exam last month. 
Dang, it was the time to show my best up. I am not that good at presenting and public speaking. All I could do was just talk talk and explain. Less than 15 mins I finished my presentation. Time for examiners asked me questions I wish I could answer them properly. They seemed that they were not so satisfied yet with my work. I was afraid I would be failed again for the THIRD time. Finally they allowed me to go from the classroom where I had exam. My friend since the first semester I knew was there waiting for me. I hold her hands tight and shared my scared-feeling. She said I would finish it no matter what. One thing that bothered me was that they didn’t call me yet for the result. Normally it takes for 5 mins to announce but they were discussing for almost 15 mins. 
“I have to tell you that you need to study more.” My teacher scared me. All I could do was to keep silent. It was like what he said before when I was failed in the first exam. 
“But, we know that you worked hard and your ability. You were born in different era that it is not your fault if you don’t know (about my main subject in exam). So, congratulation that you did it.” My heart stopped beating when I was knowing this. 
Thank God, the day I was waiting for came up. No feeling could express how happy I was. I dedicate this to my died mother who probably smiled upon. She would be happy if she was alive. Mum, your silly daughter finished her study after long time and process. Bachelor of engineering is in my hand now. 
Soon, I will leave university and my new life. The question is, who else will be part of my next life? (Be it friends, colleagues, work mate or…)