The ugly prostitute

How could you be so mean? 

How could you think that way? 

How could you kill me in one second? 

How could you……….. 

You were blinded by your suspicious thought
Your minds were full of hatred

Your soul was filled by ignorance 

Your heart was such a fool

To even think that ugly girl is a prostitute
Like a thorn in every vein of my body
Ruining and killing me softly

You poured salt in my wound that could not be healed

Treating me like a dirty filthy whore with all of your bitter words

Your words killed more than every thousand daggers could stab me
No matter what you think, I am just me
No matter what you think, I can not hate you

No matter what you think, you are good one

No matter what you think, I am still ugly
Maybe I am a prostitute in the future

Maybe I am a slut

But, I am a slut only for my husband

A slut for my future husband (If I have one)