Oh Mats! 

There was an Indonesian league match in stadium. My friends and I were watching. The match had not started yet but the supporters chanted their own yel yel pride. I didn’t know what match I attended. As far as I know, the supporters brought banners, Indonesian flag as signs. The stadium was so full. 
I sat on one of the bench to witness the match. My sight was stopped by something special. I saw Mats Hummels amoung somewhere in supporters but none even realised that it was one of the best defender in the world who plays in Bundesliga in Borrusia Dortmund. With his dark brown suit and white inside, he was so charming. I recognised the smile he wore. I was like, damn! He is hwaaaaaat and I can’t even… I didn’t so anything and he went away. 
The match still had not started yet. I walked around to see something and then i found one of my friend that we used to be in the same class in university. 
“You know, I just saw Mats Hummels, bli.” 
“Really? Where is he now?” 
 “Somewhere we have to find I think.” Adit replied. 
I forced him to find Mats Hummels. We walked away leaving the stadium and guess what, we finally found him in amusement park. He sat down at something similar like roller coaster. 
“Nick, Nick. Hey Nick!” My friend Adit Bli called him. Wtf, how could he call Mats Hummels by Nick? Wasn’t it just weird? I think so. He is Mats. At least you could call him Mats or Hummels instead, bli. I said that to my Balinese friend. He didn’t seem to care and kept calling him Nick. 
Mats Hummels was in the seat of roller coaster with a woman. She was his manager or agent. The roller coaster almost started and Mats ignored us. He didn’t even stare us who kept calling him by name. I could not say anything. The way Mats stared really killed me into pieces. His sharp eyes spoke “wtf are these kids doing?” His light brown top really suited him very much. Oh goooshhh I was about to die. Go die in his arm I would not mind eh. His curly hair ruined his vision through his eyes. Still he with his coolness didn’t stare us back. That’s okay Mats, cause you are all amazing. 
The roller coaster would start in a minute. I had to get close to Mats and took pictures as many as I could. It’s once in lifetime. When would I ever meet Mats Hummels again? Not sure even in the next five or teen years later. Soon, I coded Adit to book the seat by sitting next to Mats Hummels in the middle between him and his manager. I got no choice, fortunately there was empty seat close to Mats on his right side. Without any doubt, I took my role and sat next to him. His manager, Adit bli, Mats Hummels, and me sat in the same row. I tried to talk to him but still, he shut his mouth up. 
“Mats, Mats Hummels.” I tried to call his name slowly. OMG, he stared at me through his right eye. “I don’t mean to annoy you. I am not like those annoying supporters who yelled you many times.” He started to stare at me back. “I am not that tacky to even disturb my idol eh.” His blonde manager stared at me. “Trust me, I am not one of them.” I smiled the best as I could to win his cool heart. Mats smiled at me. I sat next to him and it felt like a dream come true. I wish no one could never wake me up. You know how it feels when you sit next to Mats Hummels. Adit stared at me as if he asked so what’s next. I ignored for a while cause I focused on Mats. The best thing that has ever happened to me. 

“It is nice that you are not like dirty rubbish fans who every centimeters of me are on their eyes like I have no privacy at all.” Mats spoke to me. Our conversation continued very well like I didn’t care that Adit and Mats’ manager were watching us. I didn’t care for the rest of the whole world. I opened my iPhone and scrolled up the camera. Come on! I didn’t want this moment useless. I would upload our pictures on instagram, facebook as much as I could. 
Finally I got our picture and I kept in forever in my iPhone and mind. And dang, I woke up! 

Wtf I always dream about some hot footballers that I can’t even reach them in real ,_,