Why do I travel?

Life continues but people will never remain the same

Traveling for me is another kind of killing my loneliness. I meet people during the trip in a temporary time. But the feeling of interaction with people really boosts me. I feel alive when traveling, I find something new, I find something interesting or the facts that shock me. They are all parts of my story of life which I can tell and remember once I come back and have my lonely time for long periods. 
I will not feel at least lonely because once I am alone, I think about something I’ve already seen. I start to think and ignore my loneliness. This is probably the way of killing loneliness. Everyone has their own way. But traveling really helps me to kill it. 
I know that I travel alone because one by one everyone around me leaves me. Life continues but people will never remain the same. One by one friends will get married, start working, or move to another place that I will not be able to always meet all the time. Friends that I used to hang out together during school time will not be always with me because they have another life. They start having new family, wife and husband, kids or move far away from from. I feel alone because they suddenly are not by my side. No wonder it is like a surprise or a gift I meet people during my stay. I stay in hostel to mingle with people, to talk (even though I am so shy and not confident to talk first if they don’t start moving first). I feel like I meet somebody new. 
That’s one of the reason to travel. I will have another kind of story and experience by meeting people. I have tons of reason why I travel whilst some people have zero reason to ask me to stop traveling.