Melody hands

I walked through the nightThe air arranged me somewhere beautiful 

My steps were stopped 

The unforgettable place was in my face
Seeing you was a gift

The gift that fell down from the sky

In a full moon paint decorated by dark night

The time was amazingly beautiful 
Like the time stopped my mind

Like the blood stopped in my vein

I was stranded among the sanity 

Like the one who forgot his name


The eyes I’ve been seeing for so long

The lips that speak beautiful words 

The hands that beautifully play melody

I got them in a night



We as Muslim have the same fear of terrorism like others. 

Terrorism is the action of intimidating people that causes some damages and violence. Nowadays, terrorism is known as the biggest enemy that everyone can face. People, no matter where they live are terrified by the action of terrorism. People are not able to live in a peaceful life, people are bothered by the attack of terrorism, people live in fear. Especially when it comes to religion. We always hear news about terrorism everywhere moreover when the news comes or contains Islam. Yes, people will connect the terrorism with Islam and think that Islam is the root of terrorism. People are easily brainwashed by the fact that every terrorism comes from Islam. By this, all Muslim in the world are blamed for the damages caused by who the real terrorists are.

The effects of terrorism literally bother all people’s life no matter what their nationality, race, religion, group is. The damages are not only seen by the broken places, building, bodies but also by the fear, trauma, physically damaged, losing the future after the terrorism effect. Indeed, it is dangerous for us because we can not live in a normal life like another when terrorism attacks.

The world needs us to encounter terrorism. This is our responsible to stop the terrorism. The youth have important rules to stop or encounter terrorism because the youth are the young generation whose their mind, ideas can rule and continue what the world can be in the future. Young generations have fresh mind and the world depends on them. We as the young generation can not stay calm when need world needs us most. The young generations have many and important roles in counter-terrorism. There are some possible ways how the terrorism can be stopped. The first is education. Education is very important because education creates what the young will be in the future. Education is not only about formal education that we have in school or college, but also education of mind and spiritual which have the same important role as the formal education. Both formal education and spiritual education must be balance because this is how we rule the world. The more we are educated and we know, the more our mind open and study so that our action in counter-terrorism can be accepted. Education is seen as one of important role because by education we know what it right and what is wrong to be applied in daily life. The second way to encounter terrorism is by sharing dialogue with people who have different beliefs like us. In a peace way, we share and discuss about some topics and show the pluralism of every beliefs. It tightens our bonds no matter what our religion is, if we are together, we will be able to fight against terrorism. It erases all hatred between one belief and another. It also shows how Islam and Muslim are not as bad as they think about and we as Muslim have the same fear of terrorism like others. The third is we must be able to filter every provocative action and news. By the education and dialogue sharing, once we hear provocative news we have our own control to speak up and act. The next is, this is our responsible to keep people mind that terrorism doesn’t belong to any other religion and beliefs because every beliefs and religion never teach terrorism but living in a peaceful life. I know it is hard to tell people nowadays that Muslim is not part of the terrorism. People will not believe easily. Because they are already brainwashed by the news and action created by the real terrorists. The best thing we can do is to act what the true Muslim is. We act by showing love and peace because this is what Islam teaches. Practicing the right way in Islam can possibly give good impact for ourselves and society. We can feel so proud of Islam, so we love Islam more. When we love Islam, we do and apply in daily life what Islam teaches. People will think that Islam is not a bad thing and Islam is not the enemy nor even the root of terrorism. The next step to encounter terrorism is not to be afraid. We must be brave within ourselves noo matter what happens to us because the first aim of terrorist is to make people live in fear and people feel scared every time. We can show that we are not afraid of terorism and we can live normally every day without any fear.

The steps that are already told, we can practice step by step with action. Every action in counter-terrorism starts within ourselves. As the young generations that have proper basic of education , we can influence other people especially the youth that terrorism belongs to no religion especially Islam with the proper way of telling people from what we have learned. We should learn and also practice what we have learned. Because education without practicing in daily life is nothing and useless. One of the way to practicing what we have in education is to create sharing and dialogue. The sharing is open to everyone who are curious and want to know that Islam is not connected with terrorism. We can create open talk to everyone in a forum and let people question us.

The world depends on young generation to where we as young generation will bring the world. Young generation is the key of counter-terrorism because young generation who will create the mindset of Islam and terrorism to the next generation.